Teacher contact details


Stephen Johnston- Principal: johnston@pakurangaint.school.nz

Hila Crump- DP/Room 6: crump@pakurangaint.school.nz

Sharon Middleton- Room 2: middleton@pakurangaint.school.nz

Rona Eramiha- Room 3: eramiha@pakurangaint.school.nz

Cheryl Michaels- Room 4: michaels@pakurangaint.school.nz

David Taiwhanga- Room 5: taiwhanga@pakurangaint.school.nz

Aanchal Sood- Room 6: sood@pakurangaint.school.nz

Laura Suominen- Room 7: suominen@pakurangaint.school.nz

Byron Springveldt- Room 8: springveldt@pakurangaint.school.nz

Cassandra Wong- Room 10: wong@pakurangaint.school.nz

Bernie Horne- Room 11: horne@pakurangaint.school.nz

Dolly Naidoo- Room 14: naidoo@pakurangaint.school.nz

Please remember that there will be no one on site at school and therefore no one to answer any phone calls.

Neville Nair- Materials Technology: nair@pakurangaint.school.nz

Steph Blankenaar- Art: blankenaar@pakurangaint.school.