Attendance and Absences

Every day counts!

School boards, principals, individual teachers together with parents and whānau are responsible for ensuring students regularly attend school. 

The school monitors absences on a daily basis. Parents/Caregivers are asked to ensure that children attend regularly. It is essential that you telephone the school office or leave a message through phone, skool loop app, or website prior to 8.30am to advise us if your child is going to be absent on that day. Please provide a note on return to explain the absence. Note: Students who are absent for 3 consecutive days are required to supply a doctors certificate on return. 

The school is required to take all reasonable steps to notify parents/caregivers of any student who is absent without notification. At Pakuranga Intermediate, if a student is absent without a given reason, the school will either send a text message or ring the main caregiver to notify them of the absence. It is therefore essential all contact details are correct- please ensure you notify the office of any changes to your enrolment details.

Students are required to be at school by 8.30am for an 8.40am start.

If your child has an appointment or is leaving school during the day, a Parent/Caregiver must firstly advise the school office or provide a written note to the classroom teacher.

Students must be collected from the school office and signed out by their Parents/Caregivers.

If your child is late for school on any day, he / she must sign in at the school office prior to going to class.

Repeated absence or lateness will be followed up by school staff, and may be referred to the District Truancy Service.

Report an Absence

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