Classroom Learning

The school curriculum is made up of seven essential learning areas that are prescribed by the Ministry of Education.  Teaching is learner focussed, promoting active involvement in setting learning intentions and encouraging students to learn how to learn.

 Core Curriculum Learning Areas are taught by the classroom teacher:    

  • English
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Social Science

 Students attend Technology and Specialist classes with a variety of teachers

  • Languages
  • Materials Technology
  • Food and Bio-Technology
  • Visual Art, Music and Movement
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education

The development of Key Competencies is also essential to effective learning in every learning area.  More complex than skills, these competencies draw on knowledge, attitudes and values.  People use these competencies to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities:

  •  Thinking
  • Managing Self
  • Participating and contributing
  • Using language, symbols and texts
  • Relating to others