Learning Links

Popular free learning sites for students 

Sumdog - games to hone your maths skills

Prototec - a NZ based site offering basic facts exercises

ReadTheory - reading comprehension where students can track their own progress

Epic Books - Wide range of reading books including quizzes on most books

e-ako maths - an NZ based maths site that covers all areas of the curriculum. 

Google Classroom is the central hub for most teachers and students while learning online. 


Useful sites for parents 

Switch on Safety - provides advice about managing children's devices while learning from home.

parents.education.govt.nz - practical information on supporting your child's learning from the Ministry of Education

nzmaths.co.nz/families - ideas on how to support your child's maths learning at home

Keeping in Real Online provides tools and advice about online behaviours and how parents can help manage their child's internet use.

Netsafe provides the lates information and tools about keeping safe online for parents and young people.

Talanoa Ako is an interactive educational app for Pacific parents developed by New Zealand’s Ministry of Education.

Apples Store or Android

Talanoa Ako means to talk about education and learning. This is what this app will get your family doing in a fun, engaging, and easy way through interactive talanoa activities. The App features include swipe to read, record yourself, a customisable Family Plan, a customisable Goals plan and a Shareable Calendar planner.

The 7 key Talanoa Ako topics are from our Pacific parents, families and community voices of what they would like to know and understand more, so they can continue to support their children’s learning. All of these topics are linked together as you journey alongside the Tagaloa Family: Matagi (Tofiga Fepulea’i), Mafa his wife and their children Peki and Va’a.

Families can access the app in full synchronised audio in any of the 10 Pacific languages (‘Gana Tuvalu, Gagana Samoa, Gagana Tokelau, Gasav Ne Faeag Rotuam, Lea Faka Tonga, Na Vosa Vakaviti, Solomon Islands, Taetae ni Kiribati, Te Reo Māori Kuki Airani, Vagahau Niue) and English.

The Talanoa Ako app has been co-designed and co-developed by Pacific as Pacific.