Bring your own device (BYOD)

Technology has always been an integral part of education at Pakuranga Intermediate. While there are and will continue to be a number of ways for students to access technology at Pakuranga Intermediate, we are also encouraging our students in the use of students’ personal devices. 

Pakuranga Intermediate School students have a BYOD (Bring you own device) option available to them. The device we prefer is a Chromebook which normally retails at around $450.00. While our preference is chromebooks, these devices can range from laptops, tablets to ipads, as long as the device meets the criteria as stated below (please contact the school if in doubt). 

Your son/daughter's personal device should have the ability to: 

  • Connect to the school internet wireless system 
  • Hold charge for the school day 
  • Have a minimum storage of 16 GB 
  • A working screen size of around 24 cm - 20cm x 15cm 
  • RAM of 2 GB or more (or programmes may be slow to run) 
  • Capture photo and video (not compulsory, but it would be an advantage) 
  • Up-to-date and fully installed Anti-virus software (for PC) 
  • A protective case 

Class programmes will require our students to be able to navigate, create, collaborate, share and publish their learning. The ability to access Chrome and Google Drive are essential elements of our school programme. 

Please also ensure your device is labelled with the student’s full name and phone number and that you have noted the serial number and model for your insurance purposes. 

At the beginning of the year all students will be required to sign a 'Responsible Use Agreement'. All Devices will need to meet specifications and be registered with the child’s classroom teacher.